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North Oaks OBGYN

  • December 22, 2019


In an era of practice consolidation, increasing overhead and decreasing payor reimbursement, North Oaks OBGYN had a goal to remain independent and continue their growth. They found that their patients had a greater tendency to no-show than practices in more urban areas. The practice wanted to maintain their service to the local community and give the best care possible.


North Oaks OBGYN became aware of Brevium patient reactivation software and felt it would help them achieve their goal of maintaining quality care for the community in the face of decreasing reimbursement. North Oaks OBGYN used staff calls for outreach to patients through Brevium; a high ROI allowed them to pay a bonus for staff success when patients booked and kept appointments.

Quick look

  • Specialty: OB/GYN
  • Number of providers: 9
  • Number of locations: 2
  • Hammond, LA


North Oaks OBGYN has seen more than $1M in extra revenue generated over two years from reactivating patients with critical medical conditions related to endometriosis, gynecologic cancer and annual exams.

  • 465 patients reactivated within 3 months (29.9% conversion rate)
  • 2761 patients reactivated over 2 years
  • 10x ROI after 3 months
  • $30,877 in extra revenue generated within 3 months
  • Reactivated patients returned for an average of 3 visits the next year
  • $1,054,393 in extra revenue over 2 years of use (cost 2.4% of revenue generated)

“Brevium provides a built-in practice manager, driving the calls and managing the process that would otherwise need to be overseen. In our practice, Brevium takes the place of two people.”

Lemar Marshall, COO, North Oaks OBGYN