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Cardiology Software

Keeping cardiologists’ schedules filled is where Brevium’s expertise provides you the most value. Patients who require ongoing care to maintain their quality of life drop from schedules for any of many reasons, yet their need for care does not go away. Brevium uses patented software to engage these patients and bring them back to your practice for regular care. Explore the success other cardiologists have experienced with Brevium and schedule a demo today.

Thousands Of Your Patients Are Missing

Every day, high priority patients with heart disease, arrhythmias, and vascular conditions go missing from your practice. These are patients who no-show, cancel, ignore recalls, or just fall through the cracks despite your best efforts. This trend points to poorer outcomes for the patient.

  • Patients may drop from your schedules for various reasons, but their need for care remains.
  • Thousands of high-priority patients with heart disease, arrhythmias, and vascular conditions are lost from your practice.
  • Reasons for their absences include no-shows, cancellations, ignored recalls, or falling through the cracks.
  • This trend can lead to poorer patient outcomes and lost revenue.
  • Your staff might try to call patients, but those calls may go unanswered.
  • Brevium’s solutions aim to reverse this trend and improve patient outcomes.
  • Brevium’s expertise helps keep cardiologists’ schedules filled with patients  who require ongoing care.
  • Schedule a demo today to learn how Brevium can help your cardiology practice retain its patients.

Brevium Can Help

Brevium has the patented technology to help cardiology practices boost retention of patients who need vital exams. By pairing automated data mining and patient communication, you can expect more patients to follow through with cardiac consultations, non-invasive & invasive assessments, and even keep that initial appointment.

Case Studies

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Cardiology Associates of Port Huron

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