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OB/GYN Software

Women who need your care may fail to schedule recare or stop coming in for appointments for any number of reasons. They still need your care, and they will respond when you apply the right communications strategies. Brevium is an expert in reactivating patients who have fallen out of compliance, and we can help you bring them back. Explore the success other OB/GYN doctors have experienced with patient retention software from Brevium and schedule a demo today.

They Are Willing to Return

Often patients are so busy caring for their families and others that they neglect to schedule their own exams and checkups. Your practice might also struggle to make sure these reluctant women who need wellness exams, Paps and mammograms, Dexa scans, and even expired IUDs don’t fall through the cracks. You are concerned about your patients and the quality of care they are receiving. You also know that you need to stay on top of these issues and ensure your patients are returning for care, but bringing them in is often difficult and time consuming for your overextended staff.

  • Patients may neglect scheduling exams and checkups due to busy family responsibilities.
  • But your patients must receive wellness exams, Paps, mammograms, Dexa scans, and address expired IUDs to maintain their health.
  • However, patients continue to cancel appointments, not respond to reminders, and indefinitely put off care. 
  • Brevium can help track and bring back patients to ensure quality care.
  • Brevium helps apply the right communication strategies to encourage patients to return for care.
  • Schedule a demo to see how Brevium can help your OB/GYN office bring back patients needing care.

Brevium Can Help

Brevium has patented tools and processes to reactive these patients. In addition to returning patients to the care they need and restoring your revenue, Brevium’s patented reactivation system can fill gaps in your schedule, direct these patients to new doctors or your NPs and PAs in your practice, and quickly fill the schedules at new locations. The Brevium tools include data mining software that we have developed to find the inactive patients in your database, using criteria that you select, and communication best practices to return them to activity. And the cost is much less than you would expect, especially compared to acquiring new patients. We’re so confident that you will realize significant results that we want you to try Brevium at no cost or obligation for installation, setup, customization, and consulting for one month. Ninety percent of our customers choose to continue the service.

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