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The Brevium Blog

Learn Brevium’s Unique Approach to Reactivating Inactive Patients

  • November 21, 2022

Your practice likely has 1,000 to 2,000 patients per provider who have become inactive patients; they have stopped responding to your recalls and reminders, and your office has given up on them. Their reasons for dropping off your current-patient list range from their moving away to simple neglect on their part. You can reactivate many of these patients, about 25 percent on average, using data science and smart communication strategies at a much lower expense than trying to replace them with new patients. Not only does your practice need these patients, but many of them are out of compliance and need your care to maintain their health. 

Brevium has been researching and developing tools and strategies around patient reactivation for more than eight years, and we have developed a two-prong approach that has worked for many practices and will work for you. 

Brevium Analyzes the Data Already in Your Practice Management Software

Your practice management software captures and stores a rich amount of data about each patient and each visit. However, that software does not provide any analysis of that data in a way that can help you find and reactivate lost patients. This is where Brevium comes in. Our data scientists have developed a means of analyzing the data in the databases of all popular practice management software systems. This data includes patient demographics, treatment codes, billing codes, visit dates, payers, and so on. We have also developed tools and a convenient dashboard that lets you filter the types of patients you want to reactivate. If you reactivated all the patients in your database, your calendars and providers would likely be overwhelmed. But Brevium lets you tailor its searches. 

You determine what your needs are and select the procedures, office locations, providers, and so on that you want to focus on. For example, when a new provider with a unique specialty such as diabetic retinopathy joins your practice, you can specify to contact inactive patients who fit that profile and live within the practice’s service area using a simple check-box form. You can also select which doctors have full calendars and those who need more patients, new locations and locations that cater to particular specialties. Brevium searches your practice management system database and shows you how many patients are available for patient reactivation based on your criteria and the patients it determines are most likely to respond. In other words, Brevium lets you customize its search with just the patients you want to contact. 

The patient reactivation software analyzes the database each night based on your criteria and prepares a list of patients to contact. 

Science Determines the Most Effective Way to Contact Patients

Brevium conducted a major study to determine the most effective methods and frequencies to communicate with patients. We discovered that for patients who don’t respond to recalls and reminders, most practices give up contacting them too soon. For example, offices that make at least four to five attempts are 81 percent more effective than offices who make just one attempt. Brevium compiled the learnings from this study and developed an effective communication strategy for reactivating patients. 

Brevium combines its data research and analysis with the communication strategy to reach out to patients who fit the profiles your practice has defined. Brevium Autopilot then begins to contact the patients using more contact methods than most other patient contact providers. We include texts, emails, autocalls, and postcards at intervals that match your staff’s ability to take incoming calls. 

Spend 30 Minutes to Schedule a Free Trial Today

Contact us today to let us show you how powerful Brevium is for reactivating your patients. We will set up Brevium Connection, which is a service that gives you a free trial of all the capabilities of Brevium at no charge. This may sound too good to be true, but we do this for free, because we know you will be impressed at how many patients return for care and how much revenue you can generate at so little cost. Many of our customers realize a 10-times return on investment (ROI).

“In four months, we saw 1,000 patients reactivated, truly activated, and a $220,000 increase in collections.”

Melissa Grooms, director of integrations at SENTA Partners

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