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Allergy Software

Patients miss appointments, stop responding to recalls or fall off immunotherapy and biologic treatments for different reasons. This results in lost revenue for your practice and poor outcomes for your patients. We use patented software to identify those inactive patients and patients who missed appointments and return them for care, recovering that lost revenue.

Many of Your Allergy Patients Are Missing the Treatments They Need

You know that bringing new patients in to see an allergist requires a lot of work. Once they are in, getting patients on the right immunotherapy requires your practice to invest in extensive testing, preparation, and expense. Mixing allergy serums and having allergy patients not start their immunologic therapy or discontinue prematurely is a significant practice challenge. Biologic treatment, in particular, drains time and resources from your practice when the patients stop returning for care.

  • Patients miss appointments, stop responding to recalls or discontinue immunotherapy and biological treatments.
  • This leads to lost revenue for your practice and poor outcomes for patients.
  • Identifying inactive patients and those who missed appointments can help recover lost revenue.
  • Challenges arise when allergy patients fail to start or prematurely discontinue immunologic therapy.
  • Then, when you try to get them to return, they may not respond, requiring significant effort to retain them.
  • This can hurt your patient’s health and your bottom line.
  • You’ve invested in your practice, and biological treatment strains practice resources when patients stop returning for care.
  • Brevium can help change this with our unique patented patient recall solution.
  • Request a demo to bring back missing patients and improve practice efficiency.

Brevium Can Help

Brevium’s fully-automated tools were developed for modern practices seeking to expand their patient base without exceeding staff capacity. Through automated mining and communication of your system’s existing data/patients, Brevium increases patient follow-through with no effort on your end. It even helps maintain initial appointments, all at a much lower cost than hiring more staff or outbound marketing.

Case Studies

Carolina Allergy and Asthma Case Study

  • Allergy

OPPORTUNITY: Carolina Allergy and Asthma Center (CAAC), has over 70 years of experience treating patients with asthma, allergy and immunology needs in Charlotte, North Carolina. Since the first practice opened…

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“For every dollar we’ve paid Brevium, we’ve received over $37 in revenue,” says Ellis. “You don’t find returns like that in the stock market. Quantitatively, it’s been very good for us.”

Rob Ellis


    Data & Info

    Average Revenue Generated Over Time and Per Activation

    We have found that each patient who is reactivated brings in an average of $174 of revenue on their first return appointment and an additional $284 over 12 months. Consider the number of patients in your practice. If you have 30,000 patients, for example, 7,500 of those are likely inactive, and almost 2,000 can be reactivated with the right contact strategy. This represents a significant benefit for both the patients and your practice without spending a lot of money and time trying to attract new patients.