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Patient Reactivation Software Reporting

You need information to know how your practice and business are doing. Running the right reports in the practice management system can be difficult, and manually tracking results from a paper report is tedious and time-consuming.

One of the best things about Brevium’s patented software is the detailed and accurate reporting, which gives you immediate insights into how your patient engagement and retention efforts are doing. It also tells you what the ROI and revenue are from those efforts. Brevium doesn’t estimate. Instead, it uses in-depth practice data to measure and report the number of doctor appointments it fills and the amount of revenue it generates.

This information is presented right on the Dashboard and can be easily exported for use in emails and financial reports.

More detailed reporting can be done in the reports tab where you can view contact attempts, appointments made, conversion rate, staff calls and much more.

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Customize Your Reactivation

You customize parameters such as type of care and disease state, so you return just the patients who need your care most and get patient scheduling for those who fit your practice’s needs. You can also specify by location, insurance provider and how far back in time you want to look for inactive patients.

Make Brevium Work For Your Practice

The Brevium Dashboard shows you, at a glance, the status of your patient reactivation, including the number of patients in your database who are ready for contact, the number of patients who were contacted, how many appointments were made, the revenue generated and your overall ROI. These are based on your selections and the impact their returning to your office will have on your business.