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Brevium Connection

Bring Back Lost and Overdue Patients to Your Practice

See how much revenue you might generate without going to the expense of finding new patients to fill your treatment calendars

Reactivate Lost Patients For Free

Brevium is a patient lifecycle partner that works closely with healthcare providers to reactivate patients who have ceased responding to recalls and reminders. Most practices have 1,000 to 2,000 inactive patients per provider. To reactivate these patients, we combine highly effective software that mines your database for lost patients with reactivation best practices that we’ve developed based on extensive research.

We are so confident that you will realize significant results — even within the first month of service — that we want to let you try it for free. We are certain you’ll then want to continue with our service — more than 90 percent of our customers do. You incur no costs or obligations for installation, setup, customization, and consulting. This free service is called Brevium Connection, because it connects you with serious returns.

Start Your Free Analysis

We’ll discuss your specific goals and help design a patient reactivation strategy that meets your needs.

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About Our Demos

Call duration: 30 minutes

We’d be happy to discuss your specific goals and help design a patient reactivation strategy that meets your needs. What we’ll discuss:

• Current objectives
• What systems you are currently using
• What’s working, what isn’t
• A quick overview of Brevium patient reactivation
• We’ll answer any questions you have

We can’t wait to show you Brevium. There’s no obligation to buy, of course, but you’ll get a good look at the value we can bring to your patients and business.

Here’s What You Can Expect

Integrate Our Software with Your Patient Database

Our specialists meet with your IT staff to identify what practice management system you are using — our software integrates with virtually all systems — and to integrate the two systems. Our software is completely HIPPA compliant and works in the background. It begins to mine your database for inactive patients based on parameters you’ll set up in the next step.

Meet with a Consultant

An experienced consultant meets with your practice administrator to identify your practice’s situation and goals. You’ll start with the Dashboard, where you will see a large number of reachable patients. These are patients whose contact and demographic information are in your database but who are not making appointments for treatment.

You’ll then begin to narrow the target segments to patients who fit your needs. For example, if you have new offices that are opening, you’ll identify patients in their geographical areas. If you have providers whose calendars are full, you’ll indicate that in the dashboard, so no patients are directed to them. If you have providers who want to focus on particular diagnoses or treatments, you can indicate those in the dashboard.

Your consultant will then help you project the potential returns based on what we know about who will respond using our patient reactivation best practices and the cost of treatments. As an example, we found that an ophthalmology practice had 17,066 inactive patients across nine providers and four locations. We determined that this presented a $937,950 opportunity in just the first 12 months of reactivation.

Your practice certainly has a large number of files for inactive patients in its database. We can find them, and you can expect that up to 25 percent will come back with the right reactivation methods. [Contact us to see how much revenue you might generate without going to the expense of finding new patients to fill your treatment calendars.] [Click here to find out how you can get your free trial of patient reactivation.] You will also be surprised how inexpensive reactivation is compared to the returns after your free trial period.

A Seamless and Quick Session with Your IT Group Will Demonstrate:

1. The number of lost and overdue patients by doctor and disease state

2. The different contact methods to better reach patients

3. An estimate of clinical and economic benefit from reactivation