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Patients, Returned™

See how to control the patient appointment lifecycle™ with Brevium’s software


Software features

Integrated recall, reminder and reactivation system that elevates accountability through visibility of key metrics

In-depth report for all appointments showing what types of engagement were/weren’t sent and why, responses, and related status.


Additional features and benefits include:

  • Send up to three recalls, set by number of days prior to due date, through text and autocalls
  • Send up to two reminders, five business days and two business days prior to the appointment, using text, email and autocalls, with the ability to collect ‘confirm’ and ‘cancel’ responses
  • You are able to send an autocall reminder to all patients, letting them know if the practice has to close (e.g., inclement weather) or if a provider needs to clear their schedule
  • For all autocalls, the caller ID is that of your practice, to personalize the patient experience

Decide which medical conditions to follow and set intervals of care

Recall, remind and reactivate patients with specific diagnoses and instantly know the number of patients available for contact.

Select the schedules to fill

The practice can choose which doctors and locations will receive returned patients, allowing the administrator to fine-tune patient loads, get new doctors up to speed quickly, or fill new locations.

Brevium patient appointment lifecycle™ software supports a variety of outreach methods, including text, email, automated calling, postcards, letters and live calls

With Brevium Autopilot, the practice selects the types of outreach methods, order of use and contact frequency. Live calls are also conveniently made using Brevium’s Caller software.

Easy-to-use reporting that tracks ROI from first usage

Brevium’s Dashboard provides a quick view of results for any time period. See the contacts and appointments made, revenue generated and the ROI for the time period. This information can be easily exported for use in emails and financial reports.