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Dcotor explaining images on a computer to a patient

Urology Software

Urology patients are dealing with very personal and frightening procedures and hesitate to come in for appointments. Physicians are tasked with strengthening those relationships and dealing with high stakes decisions.​ Brevium’s patented software can help make sure your patients aren’t going without the care they need by prioritizing the most at risk.​

Thousands Of Your Patients Are Missing

Everyday, high priority patients with conditions like BPH, prostate cancer, ED, and kidney disease go missing from your practice. These are patients who no-show, cancel, ignore recalls, or just fall through the cracks despite your best efforts. This trend points to poorer outcomes for the patient.

  • Thousands of high-priority urology patients with conditions like BPH, prostate cancer, ED, and kidney disease are missing from your practice daily.
  • Despite best efforts, these patients may no-show, cancel or ignore recalls, leading to poorer outcomes for their health and your practice.
  • Brevium’s expertise aims to reverse this trend and improve patient outcomes.
  • Brevium supports urology offices in building strong relationships with patients facing personal and frightening procedures.
  • Brevium can also help physicians deal with high-stakes decisions and prioritize at-risk patients to help them make more informed decisions.
  • Request a demo to see how Brevium ensures patients receive the necessary care.

Brevium Can Help

Brevium has the patented technology to help urology practices boost retention of patients who need vital exams. We direct these patients to new or less busy providers. By pairing automated data mining and patient communication, you can expect more patients to follow through with prostate cancer checks, return for biologic treatment, and even keep that initial appointment.

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I’ve enjoyed how Brevium is able to pinpoint patients based on data and how it is customizable. The beauty to Brevium is that with the flip of some switches, we can turn on the clinics where we need to drive demand or turn off the ones where we don’t. Sometimes driving too much demand can cripple a clinic operationally. But Brevium gives us a systemized approach to target a certain number of patients per day.

Caitlin Crutchfield

VP Strategy & Integration, Elevate

    Data & Info

    Average Revenue Generated Over Time and Per Activation

    We have found that each patient who is reactivated brings in an average of $174 of revenue on their first return appointment and an additional $284 over 12 months. Consider the number of patients in your practice. If you have 30,000 patients, for example, 7,500 of those are likely inactive, and almost 2,000 can be reactivated with the right contact strategy. This represents a significant benefit for both the patients and your practice without spending a lot of money and time trying to attract new patients.