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Behavioral Health

In the realm of Behavioral Health, treating conditions like ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, and past trauma requires a delicate balance of continuous care and patient engagement. These conditions, if not consistently monitored and treated, can lead to severe long-term consequences for patients. However, it’s not uncommon for patients to miss appointments or disengage from their treatment plans, posing challenges for  patient wellbeing. Brevium’s patented software addresses this critical issue by identifying patients by diagnosis who have fallen out of care and uses an automated robust contact approach to return these patients for the care they need. This not only improves patient health outcomes, but also ensures the financial health of your practice by recovering potential lost revenue.

Drive Organic Practice Growth with Brevium

Thousands of Behavioral Patients Are Missing from Care

Despite your best efforts, high priority patients with behavioral health conditions go missing from your practice.

They are patients who no-show, cancel, ignore recalls, or just fall through the cracks and do not book a future appointment or scheduled recall.

Brevium Identifies & Reactivates Lost Patients

  • Patented software that identifies absent patients by diagnosis, provider, & location.
  • Returns lost patients for care based on practice priorities.
  • Tracks & shares data analytics on reactivated patients, associated revenue, provider capacity, and return on investment.
  • Every Brevium $1 you invest, typically returns over $20.

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