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Release Notes

Version 5.0.42

  • Improved determination of whether or not a phone is textable.
  • Improved patient searching in the caller (both on prem and on the web).
  • Contact queue no longer limited in size.
  • Extended charge history mining for more accuracy for some Gastroenterology rules.
  • Added the ability to only make contacts for specific data sources (“stitched” practice management integrations).
  • Fixed various bugs and made performance improvements.

Version 5.0.41

  • Security updates

Version 5.0.40

  • Added new rules and configurations for Allergy & ENT.
  • Fixed a bug causing the application to get stuck on the “Providers & Locations” tab.
  • Fixed various bugs and made performance improvements.

Version 5.0.39

  • A “Response Date” was to Appointment Reminder Log report.
  • A new dropdown to select which reasons override protected physician relationships has been added.
  • Multiple new rules and descriptions for Dermatology, ENT, Allergy, Urology, and Pain have been added.
  • Fixed various bugs and made performance improvements.

Version 5.0.38

  • A new reason that tracks patients who kept an appointment in the past, have not been seen recently, and do not have a future appointment scheduled was added.
  • The ability to search by phone number in the caller tab was added.
  • The recall results now include a reasons not sent column.
  • Upcoming recalls was added to the results tab.
  • Reminder text message responses are now showing in the results tab.
  • Lifetime stats have been added to the results tab. It will now show lifetime contacts made, distinct patients contacted, distinct patients seen and billed, and a patient conversion rate.
  • The reminder report has more detail about the results of a contact.
  • The reminder report will now only show the latest contact attempt made rather than all contact attempts for a reminder type.
  • Patches can now be received faster.
  • The UI has been prepped to enable future development on our new Brevium website.
  • Fixed a problem with cell probabilities.
  • Fixed a number of bug, performance issues, and added better logging.

Version 5.0.37

  • Changed reminders so we will only use contact information from the patient connected with the appointment and will no longer use contact information associated with the patient(s) marked as a duplicate to the patient with the appointment.
  • Added two new reasons for new patient no-show and cancellation follow-up.
  • Fixed some database issues and removed some dead code.

Version 5.0.36

  • A new treatment start date can now be set by account managers for certain rules.
  • New Geographic atrophy rules have been added for ophthalmology practices.
  • Location names can be displayed in the revenue report.
  • Some issues encountered while saving rule customizations have been resolved.

Version 5.0.35

  • Reminders and recalls can now be made with additional contact methods. Additional recalls and reminders can be made. Recall and reminders can now be suspended.
  • Recalls can now be sent after the recall is due.
  • Additional reasons can now be added more quickly by Brevium support.
  • The login screen and Brevium logo was updated.
  • Some additional style changes were made.

Version 5.0.34 (unreleased)

Version 5.0.33

  • The application launch time was sped up so a the application now loads faster.

Version 5.0.32

  • A location group tab and location group filtering was added.

Version 5.0.31

  • New Family Medicine rules targeting Medicare Advantage HCC’s (Hierarchical Condition Categories) were added.
  • For callers configured to contact patients for a specific condition, patients due for the specific condition will be presented even if the patient is also due for a more urgent condition the caller isn’t configured to contact. Previously, only patients whose most urgent condition matched the caller’s settings would be presented.
  • The reason name width is now longer on the Reasons tab.
  • Fixed a number of bugs.

Version 5.0.30

  • Reactivations can now have alternative contact methods. This means patients that fail to qualify for a particular contact method can be contacted with an alternative contact method making the number of contacts that patients receive more predictable.
  • The number of patients that cannot be reached with the current reactivation sequence is now displayed in the Reactivation tab.
  • The number of days before an appointment reminder setting is now configurable in the UI.
  • Reminders for a particular appointment can be suppressed if a confirmation is received from a previous reminder for that appointment.
  • New reason rules were added for multiple specialties.
  • Some wording in a few reports and some minor bugs were fixed.

Version 5.0.29

  • Users’ names and emails are now collected in the UI and displayed on the Users tab.
  • Appointment confirmations can now be pushed back into a practice’s EPM for certain integrations.
  • Months with a decimal value can now be added on the Reasons tab.
  • A clipboard bug was fixed.
  • New reason rules were added for multiple specialties.

Version 5.0.28

  • Added the ability to right-click and copy tables throughout the UI.
  • Fixed a bug on the referrals tab that was preventing changes from being made.
  • Added a reset dashboard layout button.

Version 5.0.27

  • Results for reminders and recalls have been added to the results tab.
  • A number of bugs have been fixed.

Version 5.0.26

  • Support added for breaking down fees on invoices by participating provider.
  • New versions of the application are once again signed.
  • Phone numbers assigned to duplicate patients will now be considered for use by automated phone calls and texts.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing counts between the reports and the invoice to sometimes not match.

Version 5.0.25

  • Recalls have been added to Brevium. By default, recalls will be made via a text message. If the patient cannot receive texts at the time of the recall, an automated phone call will be attempted. Other contact methods, such as email, can be configured for recalls upon request. The product by default can send up to three recalls. More recalls can be added by request. Recalls will go out on weekdays, but not on holidays. If a recall fails to go out, it will be reattempted for up to seven days.
  • Added a start date for both reminders and recalls to make transitioning to Brevium reminders and recalls easier.
  • Added new reports for reminders and recalls that display the reminders or recalls that were made or the reason why the reminder or recall was not attempted.
  • A product information tab was added to the Brevium application. The product info and practice name is visible to all users.
  • The login screen is no longer a separate window.
  • Improved the load time of the Brevium application.
  • Added a new CPT code for another COVID vaccine for specialties that follow this rule.
  • Fixed a bug in further no show and cancels that was causing appointments for duplicate patients to be ignored.
  • The help display on the Participation tab will no longer go off the screen.