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Texas Dermatology Reactivated 721 Patients in 3 Months

  • December 22, 2019


The practice has a number of locations in Texas and is known for delivering unparalleled dermatological care to patients of all ages. The practice recently had a change in leadership and a renewed emphasis on patient retention. They were struggling with balance in patient numbers across providers due to opening a new location and adding providers.


Brevium was recommended to the practice by a consultant, to reactivate patients to fill and balance the load across present and new locations and bring newer providers rapidly up to speed. The practice used Brevium to reactivate patients for all 18 providers and employed the SmartFill feature to ensure patients were scheduled with less-busy doctors across the locations. The practice decided to use a variety of methods for reactivation through Brevium, including staff calls, emails and texts.

Quick look

  • Specialty: Dermatology
  • Number of providers: 18
  • Number of locations: 4
  • ModMed practice


Brevium’s patient reactivation software helped the practice bring new locations and providers up to speed quickly, while balancing the patients seen per provider across all locations, with a resultant high return on investment.

  • Practice learned 16,367 patients were available for reactivation once Brevium was installed
  • 721 patients reactivated within 3 months
  • 12x ROI after 3 months
  • $95,097 in extra revenue generated within 3 months

Most common diagnoses for reactivated patients included: actinic keratosis, malignant neoplasm, psoriasis and eczema