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Turn Your Patients into Engaged Patients

Engaged patients are healthier and contribute to a more stable business for the practice

Patients who are actively engaged in their own healthcare experience better health outcomes at lower cost, because they are more willing to comply with treatment plans and to meet with their doctor at appointed times. Engaged patients exhibit three essential attributes:

  1. Medical literacy is the first and most important trait. Engaged patients understand their conditions, the causes, the treatment options and their responsibilities to comply.
  2. They are involved in decision making. Patients who share in decision making with their doctor are most likely to stay in compliance. They understand their own situation best, and when they also understand the treatment options, they are well equipped to make intelligent decisions in consultation with their doctor.
  3. Engaged patients actively participate in their own healthcare. In addition to consulting with their doctor, they engage in other healthy activities such as exercising, eating healthy meals and planning for their future health needs.

How to Turn Average Patients into Engaged Patients

Educate your patients
Don’t just tell them what they need to do. Explain the options available, the research behind each option, the possible outcomes and the responsibilities of the patient. Refer them to literature, books, videos and websites that will help educate them. Then give them time to get educated.

Ask the Patient Questions
Make sure they have become literate in their medical situation by asking probing questions. Take the time to teach any elements they might not fully understand.

Encourage the Patient to Ask Questions
Build a relationship of trust so your patients are comfortable asking you questions. This means more than asking, “Do you have any questions?” They have questions, but they might not know what those questions are or be comfortable asking. Help them get started by asking a question such as, “Would you like to discuss the recovery process?”

When you have turned your patients into engaged patients, listening to them is your next most important responsibility. Focus on what they are saying. Be thoughtful about your answers. And don’t rush.

Brevium Can Help You Engage More Patients
Brevium is a leader in patient communication and reactivation. We use a research-based method for communicating with patients and ensuring they stay in contact with your practice and in compliance with their treatment plans.

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