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Boosting Retention in Pain Care

Pain management practices navigate a complex landscape, balancing patient care and the challenges of chronic pain treatment. Providers face the daunting task of ensuring consistent patient follow-ups amidst high rates of treatment adjustments and the necessity for personalized care plans. This specialty grapples with patient adherence to long-term treatment protocols, often leading to missed appointments and the potential for patient care to lapse.

Unlocking Continuity in Pain Treatment

At Brevium, we understand the distinct challenges faced by pain management practices. Our solution is specifically tailored for pain management software, addressing the critical need for effective patient engagement and retention by automating the process of identifying and reactivating patients who have fallen out of care. By leveraging Brevium, practices can enhance the continuity of care for chronic pain patients and unlock potential revenue hidden in their patient records.

Brevium Identifies & Reactivates Lost Patients

  • Patented software that identifies absent patients by diagnosis, provider, & location.
  • Returns lost patients for care based on practice priorities.
  • Tracks & shares data analytics on reactivated patients, associated revenue, provider capacity, and return on investment.
  • Every Brevium $1 you invest, typically returns over $20.

Case Studies

St. Paul Eye Clinic (Brevium Stitch)

  • Ophthalmology
  • Stitch

Opportunity: St. Paul Eye Clinic offers full ophthalmic services to Minneapolis-St. Paul and into Wisconsin. While they had long wanted to move from an old DOS-based practice management system to…

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