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Reactivate Your Lost Patients at Private Equity and Multilocation Organizations

Patient Reactivation Software for Private Equity and Multilocation Healthcare

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How to Realize Your Revenue and ROI Goals With Brevium

Assessing the value and the potential income in your multilocation organization requires you to dig into your data. You likely have valuable resources each practice’s patient database. Thousands of patients go inactive over time and are written off, yet many of these patients can be reactivated at a far lower cost than acquiring new patients.

Brevium has patented data tools to find these patients and proven communication strategies to bring back as many as 25% of them. That’s revenue waiting to be recaptured.

Brevium can help you:

Bring back thousands of patients who need care

Recover up to 25 times your ROI

Use data science, machine learning and enterprise reporting to realize your goals 

Each Practice Is Unique — That’s Why We Offer a Consultative Approach 

Brevium starts by pairing you with a seasoned consultant who understands your industry and will take the time to analyze your unique situation and revenue goals. Your consultant has worked with many multisite practices and will help you customize an approach that brings back the patients who will benefit your practice the most.

Your consultant matches the capabilities in Brevium’s patented software with your specific goals. For example, if you have opened a new location with new providers, your first goal may be filling their schedules. Your consultant will help you determine the search criteria that will find patients who fulfill that goal. 

We Can Help You:

  • Bring back lost patients by disease, provider and location.
  • Create a strategy to bring back the patients you need—and patients who need care 
  • Recapture these patients using proven methods
  • Create reports that will help you best recover patients, capture revenue and maximize ROI 

We Can Help You Merge Your Practices

When practices merge, one of the most difficult and often unexpected challenges is merging dissimilar practice management systems. Most migration tools merge only patient demographic information while disregarding visit, diagnosis, treatment and other histories that would merge the systems much more efficiently. Brevium data scientists developed data mining tools that also search treatment codes, billing codes, visit dates, payers and more that you need to seamlessly merge systems. 

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