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Patient Recall System for Different Specialities

Brevium offers patented solutions that specialists need to keep their patients in compliance and in good health. We understand why patients fail to respond to recall messages to receive essential regular care, and we understand how to bring these patients back to your practice. Let us help your practice continue to deliver the quality care your patients need and deserve.

What Customers Say


“CCT&H is willing to try anything to increase volume of reactivated patients but with the new system we’ve added with Brevium, we’re seeing better results than we ever have before. I love it because Brevium is always improving the product and getting more patients back.”

Wilder Chacon



“I’ve enjoyed how Brevium is able to pinpoint patients based on data and how it is customizable. The other beauty to Brevium is that with a the flips of some switches, we can turn on the clinics where we need to drive demand or turn off the ones where we don’t. Brevium gives us a systemized approach to target a certain number of patients per day.”

Caitlin Crutchfield

Vice President of Strategy and Integration at Elevate Women’s Health


“I checked our numbers today. We’ve run Brevium for three months again – we’ve booked 622 appointments! Amazing!”

Practice Administrator, North Suffolk Cardiology


“We’ve been in business a long time, and we recognized that there was a large and growing number of out-of-compliance patients who we knew we could win back just by getting in touch with them. Thus, we began looking for a good mechanism to do that. We’ve seen about 50 times ROI. It’s been awesome. My experience has been stellar.”

Frances Wilhelm

VP Marketing and Acquisitions, Quigley Eye Specialists