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Patient Scheduling Software and Busyness Report

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Do You Know How Busy Your Providers Really Are?

Determining how busy your practice is requires delving into a hazy zone, where “busy” means something different to each person. To help you make logical, fact-based decisions to increase profitability in your practice, Brevium has developed a comprehensive, data-driven report that tells you just how busy each provider in your practice is. The Busyness Report in our patient scheduling software gives you a broad picture of whether your practice could be seeing more patients without overburdening your providers and utilizing the resources you currently have.

How the Report Works

The Brevium medical scheduling software is linked to your practice management system so it can see and analyze individual provider schedules.

Weekly appointment volume by provider

New patient ratio

No-show rates

Average time between scheduling and appointment

Overbooking statistics

Appointments per hour

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What the Report Tells You

You can see at a glance how busy each provider is through the Total Busyness Score derived from multiple factors including overbookings, appointments per hour and weeks booked out.

The Brevium Busyness Report gives you impartial data. Combined with your understanding of each provider, you’re able to make more intelligent decisions to grow your practice.

Use This Report To Maximize Your Practice Efficiency

At Brevium, we recognize the vital importance of efficient provider scheduling software for medical practices. Our new Busyness Report grants administrators a clear view into their providers’ schedules, allowing them to see who could accommodate more patients and where schedules might be underutilized. By using these insights to adjust schedule templates, practices can unlock greater capacity, optimizing both patient service and provider engagement. With Brevium’s patient reactivation tool, increasing practice efficiency is no longer a cumbersome task but a streamlined process.