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Integrated Reminders and Recalls

Recall and Remind Patients

One way to improve your reactivation efforts is to reduce no-shows and cancellations ahead of time and ensure patients schedule recall appointments before they become lost or overdue.


You determine the number, frequency and timing of the recalls patients receive to ensure they return to the practice at their scheduled time.

Patient recall software uses a variety of texts, autocalls and postcards to reach patients due for an appointment and encourage them to schedule with your providers.


Brevium’s appointment reminder software helps reduce the stress of cancellations and the costs of no-shows in your practice.

Brevium returns your patients for their upcoming scheduled appointment with a variety of outreach methods, including texts, autocalls and postcards.

With the unique data-driven patient engagement tools in our remind software, you get in-depth reporting on all appointments showing what types of engagement were or weren’t sent, why, what the responses were and the related status of that patient.

Many times even with these tools, patients still miss their appointments or don’t schedule recalls. Unlike other Patient Recall and Reminder systems that end there, Brevium’s powerful Patient Reactivation software targets patients based on disease state, provider, location, and other information you set to reactivate the highest priority patients for the practice. It does this through proven reactivation methods that are only available in Brevium. Learn more about Brevium Reactivation.