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Schedule More Patients More Effectively

Unlocking the potential of your medical practice begins with mastering the art of scheduling patients effectively. Beyond mere logistics, efficient scheduling sets the stage for a seamless patient experience and optimized productivity for your healthcare team. 

A well-oiled scheduling system ensures that appointment calendars are consistently full, minimizing no-shows and keeping patient wait times to a minimum. However, achieving this level of efficiency requires strategic planning and dedication. 

Here, we delve into three actionable strategies to not only maximize your doctors’ valuable time but also streamline your office operations, all while fostering a culture that encourages patient loyalty and satisfaction from check-in to departure.

Put Your Patient Scheduling Software’s Automations to Work

You’ll want to start by looking at your automations. You can harness the power of your patient scheduling software’s automation capabilities to streamline your practice operations. By leveraging features that track patients’ visit history and upcoming appointments, your staff can redirect their focus towards more value-added tasks instead of manual administrative duties like phone calls and calendar management. 

Additionally, for patients who have fallen out of touch and slipped through the cracks of traditional recare notices, Brevium’s innovative software offers a solution. With its advanced algorithms, Brevium can identify and re-engage these patients, effectively bringing many back into compliance with their recommended care plans.

Provide Online Self-Scheduling

Many patients these days really prefer low interactions when it comes to patient scheduling. Since one of your goals should be to give your patients a satisfying experience, giving them a way to schedule online on their own is a great way to keep patients happy.  While self-scheduling is relatively new, it’s a popular option, and you will most likely need to explore the available options. 

For example, if you already have a portal your patients are accustomed to using, an in-portal solution is likely best. Otherwise, you might want to find a portal-independent solution so your patients don’t have to create a new user account and password and learn to navigate your portal. You will also need to decide whether to invest in a standalone or integrated solution for patient scheduling.

In addition, you should also be offering your new-patient and other forms online so that patients can fill them out in the comfort of their own home and avoid that annoying pre-visit time in the office filling out and scanning paperwork. No one wants to sit in an office and fill out paperwork for the fist ten minutes of their appointment. Let them feel more prepared and comfortable with pre-filled out forms.

Use the Most Effective Methods for Recalling and Reminding Patients

Unfortunately, communicating with patients about needed or upcoming appointments is where the whole scheduling process often breaks down. Patients lose postcards, forget to respond to emails, or simply stop responding and fall off your active-patient list altogether. 

Brevium has tested patient responses to various communication methods and has developed a very effective system for contacting both current and inactive patients using text, emails, live and automated phone calls, and postcards. You should find out which methods your patients prefer or use the full arsenal multiple times to be most effective.

Brevium Can Help You Schedule Patients More Effectively

Are you looking for a better fit when it comes to patient software? Brevium can help. Brevium is a leader in patient communication and reactivation. We use a research-based method for communicating with patients and ensuring they stay in contact with your practice and comply with their treatment plans.

In conclusion, Brevium stands as a trusted ally in the quest for efficient patient scheduling. With Brevium, practices can elevate their scheduling processes, optimize patient retention, and ultimately, enhance the overall efficiency and success of their operations. Be sure to contact us today to learn more.

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