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Schedule More Patients More Effectively

Scheduling patients the right way delivers happier patients and more productive doctors

Scheduling patients is the first most important responsibility of your front-office staff. Everything else, from the effectiveness of your staff to the care your doctors provide, depends on patients being scheduled efficiently. That means your calendars are filled; no-shows are reduced; and patients arrive, receive treatment and are on their way with minimal waiting.

Achieving an effective scheduling system takes planning and effort. Below are three suggestions to help you maximize your doctors’ time, increase your office-staff’s efficiency, and encourage your patients to visit regularly and leave your office with a smile.

Put Your Software’s Automated Recare and Recall to Work

Your practice management software or an add-on can keep track of your patients’ visits and when they are due for their next appointment. Put this software to work and let your staff undertake more productive tasks than making phone calls and filling in calendars. And for those patients who haven’t responded to recare notices for so long that you’ve given up on them, Brevium’s software can find these patients and bring many of them back into compliance.

Provide Online Self-Scheduling

One of your goals of scheduling is to give your patients a satisfying experience, and one of the best ways to do that is to let them go online to schedule their own appointments to fit their personal schedules. Self-scheduling is relatively new, and you will need to explore the available options. For example, if you already have a portal that your patients are accustomed to using, an in-portal solution is likely best. Otherwise, you might want to find a portal-independent solution, so your patients don’t have to create a new user account and password and learn to navigate your portal. You will also need to decide whether to invest in a standalone or integrated solution.

You should also be offering your patients new-patient and other forms online, so they can fill them out at home and avoid that annoying pre-visit time in the office filling out and scanning paperwork.

Use the Most Effective Methods for Recalling and Reminding Patients

Communicating with patients about needed or upcoming appointments is where the whole scheduling process often breaks down. Patients lose postcards, forget to respond to emails or stop responding and fall off your active-patient list altogether. Brevium has tested patient responses to various communication methods and has developed a very effective system for contacting both current and inactive patients using text, emails, live and automated phone calls, and post cards. You should find out which methods your patients prefer or use the full arsenal multiple times to be most effective.

Brevium Can Help You Schedule Patients More Effectively

Brevium is a leader in patient communication and reactivation. We use a research-based method for communicating with patients and ensuring they stay in contact with your practice and in compliance with their treatment plans.

Schedule Priority Patients

We’ll discuss your specific goals and help design a patient reactivation strategy that meets your needs.

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