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Unlock a goldmine of patients with minimal effort!

Business experts say that generating revenue from existing patients is five to 25 times easier and less expensive than trying to attract new patients.

Just 20% reactivation of these patients = $100,000 in additional profits per provider per year.

Boost Your Practice's Growth & Profits with Minimal Expense & Effort

Brevium can be customized to your practice's growth goals and reach out to lost patients using multiple automated contact methods and logical communication sequences to maximize conversion rates. The practice chooses the methods, order, and timing for outreach and let Brevium do the rest.

New-patient acquisition gets all of the attention. But it's expensive and time-consuming. Many practices don't know how to recover from the attrition due to patients that move, pass away, change doctors, or just neglect to come back.

Reactivated Patients Add More Value and Provide Better ROI than New Patient Acquisition Efforts

Your practice likely sits on a treasure trove of up to 2,000 patients per provider. They're already on your books, but they haven't been in for a while. Revive and engage them effortlessly with savvy calls, emails, texts, and postcards. Maximize your returns with smart communication strategies to these patients by Brevium!

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