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A Partnership for Practice and ASC Growth between Brevium and Texas Eye Care Network

  • June 20, 2023


Covenant Physician Partners is a distinguished physician services organization, notable for its strategic collaborations with top practices to enhance healthcare for GI and ophthalmology patients across the nation. Formerly known as Covenant Surgical Partners, the company’s name change reflects its broader commitment to providing comprehensive clinical, operational, and financial support to physicians aiming to expand their practices. A noteworthy testament to Covenant’s effectiveness and expansion strategy is the success story of Texas Eye Care Network (TECN), an acquired practice that thrived remarkably through its partnership with Covenant and the utilization of Brevium’s unique patient reactivation technology.

Opportunity and Solution

Following TECN’s alliance with Covenant, Covenant’s Regional Vice President, Connie StClair, identified a critical opportunity. Recognizing gaps created by physician turnover and patients overlooked in the system, she understood the necessity for Brevium’s software to reactivate patients with specific, sight-threatening diagnoses, and reintegrate them into the treatment process.

Informed by her positive experiences with Brevium’s software at other practices, StClair introduced the technology to target TECN’s inactive patients. “Finding themselves down one physician, Brevium provided the means to strategically manage reactivation by mapping patients to the best suited provider based on need,” explained StClair. “For example, cornea patients were directed to the corneal specialist. Potential surgery patients were directed to surgeons, and glaucoma patients were directed to the medical ophthalmologist.” This approach not only increased TECN’s scheduling capacity but also elevated the number of surgical visits and revenue.

Success Metrics

In 2022, using Brevium’s software, TECN successfully reactivated 1,163 patients by sending personalized texts and making live calls to patients needing crucial exams. “In collaboration with the Brevium team, senior leadership developed a multi-prong approach utilizing text messages and live calls,” said StClair. “Because post-Covid resulted in many new associates, using the Brevium calling program combined with a simple script, made it possible to pull them more quickly into the reactivation workflow.” This direct and tailored approach resulted in a 22% return rate of the contacted patients to the practice. The re-engagement journey typically began with office visits and frequently progressed to the ASC. The practice collected a total of $968.638.54, and the ASC contributed an additional $490,544.55 in revenue. A significant portion of the ASC revenue was attributable to 361 patients who underwent cataract surgery. Connie StClair emphasized that the return on investment compared to Brevium’s fees was outstanding.


The successful reactivation of patients by Covenant Physician Partners and Texas Eye Care Network substantiates the effectiveness of Brevium’s software and the importance of embracing innovative solutions in healthcare. TECN’s experience illustrates how a strategic partnership with Brevium to enhance patient reactivation can significantly improve the quality of care, foster patient engagement, and stimulate growth in both the practice and the ASC.