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St. Paul Eye Clinic (Brevium Stitch)

  • December 22, 2020


St. Paul Eye Clinic offers full ophthalmic services to Minneapolis-St. Paul and into Wisconsin. While they had long wanted to move from an old DOS-based practice management system to Advanced MD, the Director of Operations was worried about the time and effort it would take for a complete, manual move to the new system. She was also concerned that the resulting incomplete patient record files would interfere with their ability to query and reach out to patients with sight-threatening conditions.


The Director of Operations learned that Brevium can “stitch” an old database to a new one, linking the two to produce one seamless file of patient history. Once this was accomplished, it was then easy for Brevium’s software systems to query and target patients who were overdue.

Quick look

  • Specialty: Ophthalmology
  • Number of providers: 17
  • Number of locations: 7
  • St. Paul MN
  • Management system: AdvancedMD


Brevium Stitch put all the old visit and billing history from our prior system into Brevium, then by having Brevium linked to our live AdvancedMD system all the patient information we needed to run successful reactivation campaigns was available. Brevium patient reactivation software then helped the practice to quickly determine the total number of patients who needed recall and reach those patients for appointments.

  • Newly identified over 12,000 patients who were overdue after all records were transferred
  • More than 21,000 patients were available for reactivation when including 9,000 overdue patients discovered by Brevium prior to Brevium Stitch
  • Recalled patients through live staff calls with minimum data-sifting effort

“The Brevium Stitch between our old and new systems was crucial to our success. We had a large database of patients who were overdue in the old system, but we were unable to access any of this information from our new system. The Stitch made the migration process simple and easy!”

Kristine Poindexter, Director of Operations