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Comprehensive EyeCare Partners realize incredible growth

  • March 22, 2023

Comprehensive EyeCare Partners (CompEye) is one of the largest vision care management services organizations in the US, with clinics and surgery centers throughout the West. The organization’s mission is to build the nation’s preeminent eye care services company. They partner with Brevium to drive superior clinical and financial outcomes.

Opportunities and Challenges With Partner Practices

CompEye is so successful because of how well they deliver a high-quality experience to improve continuity of care. They focus on the patient experience, helping their partner practices ensure patients are engaged and aren’t falling through the cracks.

But doing this is easier said than done. Practices often run different practice management systems, and their patient recall methods vary in sophistication in keeping patients returning at appropriate care intervals.

Partnering With Brevium

When CompEye partners with a new practice, a dedicated integration team helps assimilate it into the organization. Part of that assimilation is working alongside the existing staff to identify patients who have not been followed up with recently. CompEye uses Brevium because it integrates with so many practice management systems, making it fast and easy to determine how many patients are overdue and have serious diseases. It also provides the means to communicate with and track patients, ensuring that they are not only scheduled but also showing up and keeping their appointments.

Sitting on the integration team, Practice Administrator Ashlee Stoops knows that the proof is in the numbers. “When we partner with a new practice, we don’t force things on them,” says Stoops. “We show them what’s increasing patient visits at our other practices and how we can help them implement those things.”

Newcomers are immediately interested in Brevium when Stoops engages them in conversations about increasing ROI that are backed by data, and when they see its ability to fill schedules. Even if a practice already has some kind of recall system, they often don’t realize the gap between the benefits provided by a basic recall procedure versus Brevium’s comprehensive reactivation solution.

The Proof Is in the Numbers

Nevada Eye Physicians is just one of CompEye’s practices where Stoops has seen overwhelming value in the recall and reactivation software year after year.

Stoops uses Brevium in every part of the practice, getting all staff on board — from the front office and call center to the clinic staff. Within a single month of implementing Brevium throughout Nevada Eye Physicians, Stoops booked more than 1,800 new appointments.

In the past year, Stoops recorded 12,000 additional reactivation appointments using Brevium. She saw similar success at Retina Consultants of Nevada, another CompEye partner, where she used Brevium to quadruple the number of calls made per year.

Benefits Beyond Revenue

In addition to providing higher revenue and better productivity, Brevium helps Stoops elevate the quality of patient care.

“We think we’re getting all of our patients in; we think we’re getting good at recalling patients, but until you truly see how many patients are sitting there that weren’t following up — that’s a huge impact that Brevium helps us make,” she notes. With Brevium, Stoops and her team can ensure that no patient is lost in the system — everyone is scheduled, is able to see their doctors on time and can return for follow-up care.

In addition to Brevium’s recall and reactivation functionality, Stoops uses Brevium to track conversion rate, patients who are falling behind and more. “There’s so many advantages to the dashboards we can get. Compared to old-school recall systems, Brevium is very customizable.”

A Future of Continued Growth With Brevium

As a physician-led management service organization, CompEye is always conscious of providing ROI to its partners. In the past several years, it’s used Brevium to meet and exceed those profitability targets through enormous revenue and productivity growth by increasing the volume of new patient visits.

Stoops knows that this is the kind of benefit Brevium has to offer: “I’ve been using Brevium in ophthalmology for years. I love it.”

CompEye’s long-term vision is to implement Brevium across all its owned practices, continuing to replicate the success Stoops demonstrated is possible when using Brevium as a comprehensive recall and reactivation solution.