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“We’ve Seen About 50 Times ROI. It’s Been Awesome.”

  • June 20, 2023

­Quigley Eye Specialists began in 1988, when Dr. Thomas Quigley decided to specialize in ophthalmology and started his practice because he was profoundly affected by his sister’s degenerative eye disease. He committed to providing patients with caring and compassionate eye care using top technology and a skilled medical team. Today, that team comprises more than 50 doctors in 32 locations, making it the largest ophthalmology practice in Florida. Together, they cover 20 specialties from blepharitis to eyelid surgery to vitreous detachment.

In 2020, Quigley partnered with New Harbor Capital, a private equity group, to help the practice grow in a responsible, sensible, and strategic way.

We spoke with Frances Borshell, who is responsible for mergers and acquisitions, marketing, and business-to-business community development. She joined Quigley in 2013, when the practice had just seven locations.

Quigley Depends on a Centralized Structure with One Practice Management System

The corporate offices are in Fort Meyers, which houses Accounting, Finance, Operations, and Borshell’s department. The biggest challenge Quigley faces when it acquires a practice is moving the practice onto Quigley’s single electronic health records (EHR) system. Practices join with many different systems and sometimes only paper records.

Win-Back Is a Key Function of the Quigley Team

As Quigley was working to merge EHR systems, the administrators realized that many patients in the database were not coming back for recall appointments. Reactivating these patients—what Quigley calls “win back”—became an important goal. Borshell said, “We’ve been in business a long time, and we recognized that there was a large and growing number of out-of-compliance patients who we knew we could win back just by getting in touch with them. Thus, we began looking for a good mechanism to do that.”

Brevium Was Clearly the Best Choice

The business and IT leaders were researching a number of solutions when they heard about Brevium from a colleague. After a demo and extensive background research, Quigley decided on Brevium. Borshell said, “We really liked the Brevium approach, which was a stepwise approach with flexibility and professionalism.” Cost was another important factor. Borshell added, “There were other solutions, but when we compared the costs, Brevium was extremely attractive to us.”

Brevium is added to each practice Quigley acquires as a part of the onboarding process, and it is currently running in all 50 locations. The returns are a significant reason. Borshell stated, “We’ve seen about 50 times ROI. It’s been awesome.” She added, “My experience has been stellar. We have such a fantastic representative at Brevium.”