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The Brevium Blog

Brevium Connects Diverse Practice Management Systems for Acquisitions

  • November 29, 2022

Integrating or migrating practice management systems is one of the most painful undertakings when merging an acquired practice or starting a new practice management system. Most practice management systems offer migration tools, but they generally merge only patient demographic information while disregarding visit, diagnosis, treatment, and other histories that are important to understand but expensive to migrate. Groups who go through this process soon find out that this partial migration elevates their risk of losing patients. How? This historical data is needed to correctly identify patients who require care based on their disease profile and last date of treatment.

Brevium Has a Data-Mining Advantage

Brevium is uniquely positioned to provide this data. The data scientists at Brevium know how to search, deduplicate, and link the old and new databases and produce one seamless piece of patient history, which can then be used to reactivate lost patients.  

Brevium Stitches the Old System to the New

Brevium can thus “stitch” the old database to the new one. The ability to accurately mine history across disparate databases and to help patients get back on the schedule is a key consideration whenever private equity-backed practices switch practice management systems.

“Upgrading our practice management system was one of the best decisions we made. However, we soon found that a lot of patients weren’t getting back on the schedule. Finding Brevium’s solution that not only mines the old and new patient databases, but also makes it easy to contact patients based on what we found was key to our success. We added over 2,000 patient visits by addressing this problem. Many of these were patients with diabetes, glaucoma, and cataracts, patients who really needed to be seen.”

Alex Lopez, Atlantis Eye Care