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The Brevium Blog

How a New Provider Filled Its Schedule Quickly

  • November 7, 2022

Brevium recently worked with the leaders of a large ophthalmology practice that had just opened, and they were investigating tactics for filling their patient schedules as quickly as possible. The first avenue they pursued was contacting overdue patients. Contacting overdue patients can seem like a huge chore, but the group simplified the process. They just sent a short message that was easy to respond to.

Their message was simple: “Hello Jennifer, according to our records, you are due for your next eye appointment. Scheduling is simple: You can call our office or click this link online to Schedule Now. Ask to see one of our new glaucoma specialists.

The practice generated 96 appointments for the M.D. in the first four months and 254 appointments for the O.D. using this method. 

Contacting lost and overdue patients to schedule them with new providers is amazingly effective. Doing this in a way that is easier for patients to handle is also absolutely critical to getting them back. 

 Brevium can help you find and contact patients whose doctors have retired and current doctors’ patients, who have conditions that match the specialties of your new doctors. This can help you get back patients who have not returned for important treatment. 

Brevium is the pioneer in patient reactivation. The software mines its clients’ patient databases using customized algorithms to improve the patient appointment lifecycle™. Hundreds of practices have found Brevium to be a trusted partner, with personalized training and unlimited support. Through original research and software development, Brevium helps ensure that patients return for the care they need, and practices derive the greatest financial benefit from the patient appointment lifecycle™.