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Drives Appointments and Improves Patient Engagement

  • June 22, 2023


Kunesh Eye Center, a practice with five providers and utilizing Nextgen software, recently implemented Brevium to reach patients who had ignored recall attempts and had no future appointments. This case study highlights the rapid impact Brevium made in generating appointments and improving patient engagement at Kunesh Eye Center.

Implementation and Initial Results:

To kickstart the process, the practice began reaching out to 50 patients per day through text messages or email, ensuring effective communication channels. Within just nine days of implementing Brevium, an impressive 28 overdue patients were successfully scheduled for appointments, with two patients already completing their visits.

Results after 7 weeks:

Continuing their proactive approach, Kunesh Eye Center closely monitored the progress of the initial group of patients contacted within the first nine days over a seven-week period. During this time, a remarkable total of 46 patients scheduled appointments, with 33 of them taking place within the 7-week analysis. The remaining 13 appointments were scheduled for future dates.

Timeframe Analysis:

In analyzing the timeframe, it was found that the median duration between the initial patient contact and appointment creation was seven days (ranging from 0.4 to 35 days). Furthermore, the median duration between the initial contact and the actual appointment date was 28 days (with a range of 4.4 to 168 days). These figures demonstrate the efficiency of Brevium in streamlining the scheduling process.


Based on the impressive results observed at Kunesh Eye Center, practices considering the implementation of Brevium can anticipate positive outcomes within a relatively short timeframe. The utilization of Brevium not only facilitated the successful scheduling of appointments but also significantly improved patient engagement.