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VRMNY Manhattan

Eye Physicians Case Study

  • February 26, 2024

Eye Physicians is a private practice of internationally renowned ophthalmologists and retina experts known for providing exceptional, individualized eye care plans to patients in and around New York City. With 12 specialists treating across five locations, Eye Physicians promises to use its extensive resources and expertise in diagnosing and treating even the most advanced medical and surgical retinal conditions. Eye Physicians employs state-of-the-art technology and strategies to enhance patient care. A noteworthy testament to this promise is their implementation of Brevium’s patient reactivation software.

Eye Physicians’ Challenges & Resulting Opportunities

After discovering Brevium’s unique patient reactivation solutions at a trade show, Eye Physicians COO Karen Medina was immediately interested in how the software could help identify and bring back lost patients to their practice. With how Brevium uses unique patient identifiers to mine practice management systems (PM) for lost patients and employs automated outreach methods to reactivate them, Medina saw how the software could immediately impact three different areas of concern: 1) reactivating patients lost during the COVID-19 pandemic; 2) minimizing staff time spent on manual patient reactivation; and 3) migrating patient data from old to new PM. “We discovered Brevium at a pivotal time for us. It addressed our critical needs by identifying lost patients and reducing manual reactivation efforts, which was exactly what we needed to navigate post-COVID recovery and system transitions effectively.” – Karen Medina, COO

BreviumStitch Enables Effective Patient Reactivation

Eye Physicians switched PM from AdvancedMD to NexTech Practice+ just before they began discussions with Brevium. During this difficult process, most practices recover only patient demographics, leaving behind priceless patient data imperative to the patient reactivation process; without it, patient reactivation becomes an extremely arduous process costing practices precious staff time, data errors, and lost patients and revenue. However, Brevium was able to “stitch” the two PMs together to provide Eye Physicians with a seamless file of patient data. With historically complete patient files detailing disease profile, appointment history and billing history, Eye Physicians could go live with Brevium confident in their ability to identify their lost patients and bring them back for needed treatment.

Impressive Results Within First Week of Using Brevium

After going live with Brevium at the end of June 2023, Eye Physicians saw almost immediate results. Within the first week of going live with the software, 43 inactive patients booked appointments and by the end of the month, 246 inactive patients were back on the schedule. Eye Physicians continued this impressive trend through the new year by reactivating 1,718 patients out of the 2,257 appointments scheduled, with many patients still set to come in. These impressive results amount to a 30.1x ROI, meaning the group collects $30.10 for every dollar they pay to Brevium. Seven months into their partnership with Brevium, Eye Physicians amassed over a million dollars in revenue from their patient reactivation efforts—revenue otherwise untapped if not for Brevium’s patented reactivation solutions. As Eye Physicians continues to customize Brevium to drive practice growth and access new revenue streams, we only expect these numbers to improve. 

Conclusion: Using Brevium to Fuel Practice Growth

After realizing their physicians have the capacity to fit more patients into their schedules, Eye Physicians’ leadership looks to use Brevium to strategically fill new appointment slots quickly and easily. By increasing daily contacts made to their inactive patient base using a variety of outreach methods, Eye Physicians hopes to keep their providers busy and inactive patients coming back for essential treatment. Eye Physicians also recently opened a new location in Chinatown where they can use Brevium to quickly fill new providers’ schedules. As Eye Physicians continues to grow, Brevium’s importance cannot be understated. “Brevium has been instrumental in our growth strategy, enabling us to quickly fill new appointment slots and ensure our patients continue to receive essential care. Its impact on keeping our providers busy and re-engaging inactive patients has been transformative for our practice.”

Eye Physicians “at a glance”:

  • 5 locations & 12 internationally renowned specialists located in NYC.
  • Met with Brevium at trade show & was interested in how the software could help efficiently reactivate lost patients & automate reactivation process. 
  • BreviumStitch merged data from old PM (AdvancedMD) & new PM (NexTech Practice+) to create one seamless file of complete patient history.
  • Went live on June 28th, 2023. Results at the end of January 2024:
    • 30.1x ROI.
    • 1,718 patient reactivations.
    • Over a million dollars in additional revenue.