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Thriving Tomorrow: Brevium and Schweiger Dermatology Cultivate Growth for Success

  • April 18, 2024

Schweiger Dermatology Group is a practice dedicated to providing the most exceptional and accessible medical, aesthetic and surgical dermatology plans to patients throughout the Northeast. Since Dr. Eric Schweiger opened his first office in 2010, Schweiger has expanded to 110 locations with over 400 providers—rapidly becoming the largest dermatology group in the Northeast and one of the largest on the East Coast. 

Opportunities for Growth with Brevium Partnership

With the first dialogue between Brevium and Schweiger happening years before she joined the company, Chief Marketing & Growth Officer Laura Fink continued the conversation after hearing from Brevium again in 2021 shortly following the COVID-19 pandemic—a time when many practices across the nation were shut down and patients lost out on essential preventative care. As Fink and her team analyzed various growth levers, including improved reactivation solutions, the opportunity became clear: How can they engage patients in a way that is seamlessly integrated into their experience that is both scalable and measurable? Fink says she found the answer in Brevium’s software—a technology that is not only automated with personalization capabilities but remains efficient as they grow.

Recognizing Growth Within the Numbers

Since Schweiger went live with Brevium, they’ve seen excellent results. From going live in July 2022 to January 2024, Schweiger contacted 567,587 unique patients with 99,725 reactivated, boasting a patient conversion rate of just over 17 percent. Schweiger employed a variety of outreach methods to achieve this success, with text/SMS messaging accounting for almost 48 percent of the appointments scheduled through Brevium. Brevium’s measurement capabilities have been essential for Fink as she works to drive company growth and performance, gaining “the confidence to continue investing time and money in the platform.” 

“We wanted something that would be efficient as we grow,” said Fink. “We liked the BreviumStitch capability to bring in other databases. We wanted something that was measurable, scalable and cost-effective. We also wanted a solution that was highly automated, but also with personalization, which Brevium is continuing to really add to those customization and personalization capabilities—we’re really excited about those.”

“In a role like mine, the question is how do you know that this is working and what’s the value,” explained Fink. “Brevium has been really helpful in building measurement capabilities with us so that we could demonstrate strong ROI and have the confidence to continue investing time and money in the platform.”

Looking Forward: Unleashing Potential Through Dynamic Partnership

Fink says they’ve run testing control studies to see what happens with and without Brevium and Brevium outperformed the control groups in every instance. Schweiger is a proud testament to how Brevium’s software can transform even the largest of healthcare organizations. As they continue to partner with new practices and acquire additional providers that come with their own inactive patient pools, Schweiger intends to implement Brevium at these offices and replicate the immense success they’ve had at their other locations—ultimately, using Brevium’s patented reactivation solutions to realize extraordinary growth.