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Platinum Dermatology Partners

Brevium and Platinum Dermatology Partnership Leads to Unprecedented Growth

  • February 23, 2024

Platinum Dermatology Partners is a renowned physician services organization known for its strategic partnerships with top dermatologists across the nation, striving to provide the highest quality tools, resources and support to empower exceptional patient care and practice growth. Founded by and for dermatologists, Platinum assumes the daily responsibilities essential to running a successful practice so their physicians can prioritize what matters most: their patients’ health and well-being.  

New Opportunities Through Platinum – West Dermatology Merger

Platinum first joined Brevium in October 2019 under the guidance of Chief Operations Officer Grizelda Altamirano. One of the most notable attestations to her impact is her work with West Dermatology—a 19 brand, 154 provider organization that has seen immense growth through its merger with Platinum and usage of Brevium’s patented patient reactivation software. West Dermatology was initially hesitant to introduce a new system into their current workflow, partly because they already employed a marketing software that had similar functions as Brevium. However, Altamirano didn’t fully trust a software that couldn’t provide her advanced reporting with updated conversion rates and financial results. With West Dermatology being a massive organization, Altamirano knew that even a one percent difference in conversion rates would translate to a boost in additional revenue. Despite their initial hesitancy, West Dermatology went live in June 2023.

The Brevium Effect: West Dermatology Realizes 24.4x ROI in Six Months

All West Dermatology locations went live with Brevium late June 2023. Platinum used the BreviumStitch to merge multiple PM systems to create one seamless file of patient history and completed this process six times through the end of the year to cover such an extensive organization. Despite the ramp-up process, West Dermatology generated 32,736 appointments and reactivated 21,605 patients through January 2024—averaging about 4,500 patient reactivations per month since October. Further, they achieved their impressive 24.4x ROI and over three million dollars in additional revenue mainly through automated outreach methods and occasional staff calls.

“From my previous experience in ophthalmology to stepping into the dermatology space, I recognized Brevium’s unparalleled potential to revolutionize patient re-engagement. The decision to implement Brevium at West Dermatology was driven by the understanding that even a minimal improvement in patient reactivation rates could significantly enhance our revenue.” – Grizelda Altamirano, COO Platinum Dermatology

“Implementing Brevium at Platinum Dermatology has been a game-changer, significantly enhancing our ability to reconnect with and serve our patients better. It’s not just software; it’s a strategic asset for growth.” – Michael Pennington, CEO Platinum Dermatology

Looking Forward: Using Brevium for Aesthetic Patients

Initially using Brevium to contact West Dermatology’s overdue medical patients, Platinum now looks to expand outreach efforts to include inactive aesthetic patients. Through this type of outreach, both Platinum and Brevium expect to see a drastic increase in patient reactivations and revenue generated—furthering their mutual goal of providing exceptional support and experiences for patients, providers and dermatologists across the nation.